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Dumb Bush

Bush TulipsEarlier this week our beloved leader held court in Holland. Unlike here in America, the youth that were at this little round table were not screened, not stripped searched and not handed questions to ask, sounds like those in Holland have more freedom than we do, maybe?

The first question was most likely the hardest question Bush has ever had to answer, From the LA Times

"I have a question … concerning the terrorism," said the first student to be called on, a young woman. "And you made many laws after 9/11, many — many laws and many measures. And I'm wondering, will there be a time when you drop those laws and when you decrease the measures?"

"Look," Bush replied, "a free society such as ours, obviously, must balance the government's most important duty, which is to protect the American people from harm, with the civil liberties of our citizens. And every law we passed that was aimed to protect us in this new era of threats from abroad and the willingness for people to kill without mercy has been scrutinized and, of course, balanced by our Constitution."

The president explained that Congress was reviewing the Patriot Act, the controversial measure that gives law enforcement agencies greater power to conduct surveillance and share information.

He told her that the Sept. 11 attacks had changed his nation's mind-set, resulting in the need for different laws.

"I mean, it was more than just an attack; it was a whole mind-set," he said. "And that's why your question is really relevant — did that mind-set, did that change of attitude cause us to then begin to take away certain civil liberties, and I would argue it did not."

Bush's co-host at the event, Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, wondered if the young woman was satisfied.

"You're convinced by the president?" he asked amid laughter.

"Don't put her on the spot," Bush quipped.

The next question — the last heard by reporters or included in the White House transcript — concerned the cost of the Iraq war.

The unidentified questioner noted that the U.S. had been involved in "a lot of wars," and wondered about the impact on Americans at home.

She said she had recently received a brochure seeking donations for poor people in the United States and asked Bush: "What's the balance between the responsibility to the world and the responsibility to your own people?"

Said Bush: "I think we have a responsibility to both." Reverting to what resembled a campaign stump speech, he then listed the value of small businesses in creating jobs and spoke of the United States' role in fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa and safeguarding freedom around the world.

Media were then asked to leave, though the meeting, held in a window-lined room at a glorious chateau near Maastricht, went on for another half-hour.

Guys, I hope you did not miss the most important part of this event, The MEDIA was forced out of the room, and the White House did not release the transcript. When Bush’s puppet-masters realized that this was not going to be the scripted event that they had orchestrated many times in the America, they pushed the media out. Heaven for bid we hear ANYTHING unscripted, un focus group tested from our “leader”.

Republicans Still Hate Americans, Feel Safer?

Right Wing

Hoping to god this would not get any press, the House Republicans killed the COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) program in committee last night. By killing it at this point, a long, bloody debate can not happen on the House floor. A debate that surly say what we are all thinking, “Why do Republicans Hate Americans?”.

Here is a Statement from Rep Slaughter (bolds added by me)

Washington, DC - Rep. Louise M. Slaughter (D-NY-28), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Rules, spoke out Wednesday morning in response to a Republican led party line vote in the Rules Committee against reauthorizing the popular and successful Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program.

Rep. Slaughter stated, "COPS has done more to reduce the rate of crime in this country than anything else we've done in Congress. Over the past 10 years it has sent more than $8 billion to local law enforcement agencies to hire, equip, and train more than 116,000 community policing professionals." She continued, "Our communities depend on this money. COPS has helped to put more police on the streets making certain that our neighborhoods remain a safe place to raise families."

Republicans on the House Rules Committee killed, on a party line vote, an amendment to H.R. 1279 (The Gang Deterrence & Community Protection Act of 2005) offered by Reps. Capuano and Weiner that would have reauthorized the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program for FY2006-FY2008. Now when H.R. 1279 goes to the floor any attempt to reauthorize the COPS program will be found out of order.

"This important amendment should be debated on the House floor. It is absolutely outrageous that the Republican Leadership will not allow for a real discussion on this issue. They should be giving each and every member of Congress the opportunity to voice their opinion on this reauthorization. Instead they are closing off the process from debate, dissension and democracy," said Rep. Slaughter.

The Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program:

  • Provides grants to tribal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to hire and train community policing professionals, acquire and deploy cutting-edge crime-fighting technologies, and develop and test innovative policing strategies;
  • Offers training that helps advance community policing at all levels of law enforcement - from line officers to law enforcement executives - as well as others in the criminal justice field and reaches state and local government leaders and the citizens they serve;
  • Offers a broad range of programs that provide support to other agencies in virtually every aspect of law enforcement.

Since 1994, COPS has distributed over eight billion dollars to advance community policing efforts. This funding has:

  • Helped nearly 12,950 jurisdictions through 27 different grant programs;
  • Enabled local law enforcement agencies to hire, equip, and train new community policing professionals;
  • Helped redeploy existing officers into their communities and enabled offices to study ways to maximize the impact they have on the people who live there;
  • Enabled the creation of a wide variety of strategies to advance community policing through innovative techniques and technologies;
  • Provided funding for 116,574 community policing professionals across the country.

All state, local, federally-recognized tribal, and public law enforcement agencies, as well as jurisdictions serving special populations (e.g., transit, university, public housing, schools, and natural resources) are eligible to apply for funding unless specified otherwise.

So, Feel Safer because of the Republicans? I don't


And You Say Gays are Perverted.

Right Wing Hypocrisy

Neal Horsley, A Supper Right-Wing militant anti-abortion whack-pot may have gone a little too far last night on the “Alen Colms” Radio Show. In a nutshell, this man, the right of the right screws animals. No, I mean it...

(read it yourself)
(Better Yet, you can hear it yourself, it is a riot!)

At first, Horsley laughed and said, "Just because it's printed in the media, people jump to believe it."

"Is it true?" Colmes asked.

"Hey, Alan, if you want to accuse me of having sex when I was a fool, I did everything that crossed my mind that looked like I..."

AC: "You had sex with animals?"

NH: "Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule."

AC: "I'm not so sure that that is so."

NH: "You didn't grow up on a farm in Georgia, did you?"

AC: "Are you suggesting that everybody who grows up on a farm in Georgia has a mule as a girlfriend?"

NH: It has historically been the case. You people are so far removed from the reality... Welcome to domestic life on the farm..."

That's it, I will no longer stand for the double standards from people who attempt to condemn me and my sex life. I find it far more acceptable to have sex with someone of my own species, male or female, than having sex with an animal, a damn animal!

Reid to Frist, Shit or Get Off the Pot.


I must say, you can tell what state Senator Reid is from (Nevada). He has basically gone “all in” and placed the cards on the table. Betting Frist does not have the votes to destroy the Senate with his nuclear option.

Harry Reid released a statement...

I still consider this confrontation entirely unnecessary and irresponsible. The White House manufactured this crisis. Since Bush took office, the Senate confirmed 208 of his judicial nominations and turned back only 10, a 95% confirmation rate. Instead of accepting that success and avoiding further divisiveness and partisanship in Washington, the President chose to pick fights instead of judges by resubmitting the names of the rejected nominees.

This fight is not about seven radical nominees; it’s about clearing the way for a Supreme Court nominee who only needs 51 votes, instead of 60 votes. They want a Clarence Thomas, not a Sandra Day O’Connor or Anthony Kennedy or David Souter. George Bush wants to turn the Senate into a second House of Representatives, a rubberstamp for his right wing agenda and radical judges. That’s not how America works.

I suggest that Senator Frist introduce his proposal as a resolution. If he does, we commit to moving it through the Rules Committee expeditiously and allow for a vote on the floor. It takes 67 votes to change the rules. If Senator Frist can’t achieve 67 votes, then clearly the nuclear option is not in the best interest of the Senate or the nation.

Either of these options offers a path away from the precipice of the nuclear option. But if neither of these options is acceptable to you, let’s vote.

Senator, I sure hope you are right, I suspect that he does not have the votes, if he did he would have pulled the trigger as soon as he thought he had the votes...

05/09/05 Launches


This week launches. This site is a non-confrontational way to protest all those darn magnetic “support the troops” ribbons. Clearly, my blood boils when I see those damn things on a car with a Bush 2004 Sticker.

You have to support the troops with your vote.

Go check out, and if you want to help the cause, you can go to there “Help Us Page”

Other Bloggers, can you Please post on this site, so it can get some pub...

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Did you know about S-520 Constitution Restoration Act of 2005


Some of the more right wing extremist in the Senate, Sen. Brownback, and his cohorts have introduced a bill that will allow them to crush any judge that they do not agree with. This short bill, titled “Constitution Restoration Act of 2005”

You can read it here, it is very short


In interpreting and applying the Constitution of the United States, a court of the United States may not rely upon any constitution, law, administrative rule, Executive order, directive, policy, judicial decision, or any other action of any foreign state or international organization or agency, other than English constitutional and common law up to the time of the adoption of the Constitution of the United States.


To the extent that a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States or any judge of any Federal court engages in any activity that exceeds the jurisdiction of the court of that justice or judge, as the case may be, by reason of section 1260 or 1370 of title 28, United States Code, as added by this Act, engaging in that activity shall be deemed to constitute the commission of--

(1) an offense for which the judge may be removed upon impeachment and conviction; and

(2) a breach of the standard of good behavior required by article III, section 1 of the Constitution.


Republican's Road to Theocracy - HR 235

Crazy Evangelicals

The Republicans want to make it offical, we are going to be a Theocracy, here is the long and short of this bill...
According to a Right Wing Site set up to push this tripe on Americans

HR 235 was introduced to liberate clergy from the muzzle imposed by the absolute ban on all speech that may be regarded as "political," and thereby enable them to speak out on all vital and moral and political questions of the day. It will free houses of worship from the fear and anxiety and uncertainty created by the threat that the IRS will impose financial penalties or revoke tax-exempt status altogether.

The site Americans United for Separation of Church and State

“This is an outrage,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “Houses of worship exist to bring people together for worship, not split them apart over partisan politics.

“I think there is an important lesson here for the whole country,” Lynn continued. “Americans do not expect to be ordered to vote for certain candidates by their religious leaders.”

Religious Right groups have been pressing evangelical churches to get deeply involved in partisan politics, Lynn said, and this kind of controversy is the natural outcome.

When are we going to rise up and reclaim this nation for Real Americans, not these whack jobs that have been enpowered by a few missguided Republicans.

Also posted on DailyKOS


DailyKOS Weeks News in Review.

Life in Bushs America

Over on DailyKOS a Person by the name of Newsie8200 put together a perfect post with a ton of links with all the news you could ever want...


It is broken down in a very smart way, it is well worth a read guys.

  • Loser Bush & Drip Drip Drip DeLay
  • Pinocchio Politicians...Phony, Weak, Useless, Incompetent, Hypocritical, Radical, Petulant, Regressive, Corrupt & Power Hungry Right Wing "Worse Than Nixon" Republican "Do As I Say, Not as I Do" Coward Watch!
  • Right Wing Corporate/Controlled Media (RWCM) Watch
  • National Security/Foreign Policy/War/International Issues, News & People in the News
  • Domestic Issues & Other Issues, News & People in the News
  • Democratic Advocacy & Get to Know These States, Regions & Their Players

Here is the link for ya


Raid on a Top Republicans Home.

Right Wing

As we all know, Republicans are so ethical, they never lie, and never do anything illegal, and then I woke up. Here is story from the Teledo Blade that shows the Republicans for who they are, thieves...

The federal probe into whether local Republican fund-raiser Tom Noe was illegally funneling money to the Bush campaign had been ongoing for months. It reached a turning point Wednesday night.

FBI agents swept into Mr. Noe’s Maumee condo about 7:30 p.m., spending three hours scouring the home of one of the most prominent Republicans in northwest Ohio. They were looking for evidence of violations of federal campaign contribution laws.

The federal probe is studying Mr. Noe’s campaign contributions to the President, and specifically contributions made by others who may have received money from Mr. Noe, possibly allowing him to exceed the $2,000 spending cap.

It is nice to know that some level of our fed is not corrupt to the core; I am shocked Gonzales allowed any investigation of any republican


Sensible Christians are Starting to See the Truth

Crazy Evangelicals

I found this great editorial I found, People of the Lord is starting to see these nut bag Evangelicals for what they are.

"First they hijacked the flag; now they're after the cross"
By Colbert I. King
The whole thing can be read at the, but here is a few good parts.

The American flag was appropriated by the political right wing years ago. Now the Christian right is trying to hijack religion. This time it shouldn't be allowed to happen without a fight.


Emboldened by their appropriation of the flag, ideologues on the right have now set their sights on religion, and specifically Christianity, as the means to promote their political agenda. And as the promoters of "Justice Sunday" national telecast have demonstrated, there is no depth to which they won't sink in their campaign to seize the country.

The statement by one of the sponsors of Sunday's event, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, is an example of the Holy War that is being launched by the right. In one of the most outrageous smears to be uttered by a so-called religious leader, Perkins said that "activist courts, aided by liberal interest groups... have been quietly working under the veil of the judiciary, like thieves in the night, to rob us of our Christian heritage and our religious freedoms." That is an unmitigated lie that should not be allowed to stand.

Which judges are out to rob Christians of their heritage? That is religious McCarthyism. Perkins should name them, provide evidence of their attempted theft of "our Christian heritage" or retract that statement with an apology. Don't count on that happening.


They are not now and never will be the final arbiters of Christian beliefs and values. They warrant as much deference as religious leaders as do members of the Ku Klux Klan, who also marched under the cross.

Well said, Please go and read the whole thing, all of it is a great read.

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Life in Bush's America

Sadly, November of 2000 put this great nation on a track of destruction. Four years later the fundamentalist whack-jobs used fear and a tangle of lies to scare people into voting for this nut bag again.

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