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For the record, Bush and Republicans Hate Vets

Lest you forget, the Republicans, lead by the likes of G.W. Bush, Tom DeLay, and Bill Frisk hate veterans, absolutely detests them.

Let this article from CNN give more proof of the assertion.

"During this time of war, it is absolutely the wrong time for our federal government to step back from any of its commitments to our veterans. To do so would be penny wise but pound foolish," said Gov. Ed Rendell in the weekly Democratic radio address.

"While we the governors do all we can for our vets and our returning soldiers, our federal government still has the primary responsibility for meeting the needs of our veterans. And that's why I find the president's budget cuts for critical veteran services to be unconscionable."

He maintained that budget cuts include "a $350 million reduction in veterans home funding, which wipes out at least 5,000 veterans' nursing home beds."

"If the president's proposed budget cuts are enacted, nearly 60 percent of the 1,600 veterans will lose their daily stipend that allows them to stay in our state's nursing homes, literally forcing them out into the cold."

Vet co-payments for prescription drugs were tripled two years ago, Rendell said, and "now the president is proposing to again double those increased co-pays."

"In the midst of a war, when many new men and women will join the legion of veterans, does it really make sense for the president to increase the cost of vets' prescriptions by 100 percent?"

Rendell criticized a proposal calling for a $250 fee "to be paid by every vet wishing to participate in the Veterans Administration health care program. "

"There may well be some veterans who can afford to do so, but can all vets come up with an extra $250 a year to pay for health care? I doubt it."

He urged "every patriotic American" to contact their legislators and protest budget cuts for veteran services.

"The families of the brave service men and women from all 50 states now know for sure that their loved ones did not die in vain. This war has reminded us of the solemn pledge our nation makes to our veterans."

I will say it again, Why do you hate veterans? You use us for backdrops to your inauguration, you use us for photo ops, but you refuse to support us after you are done. The Bush administration uses us like a paper plate, nice to have on hand, but we can be trashed when you are done. For shame!

Life in Bush's America

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