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Help out my Home Town...

Thats Gay

I few of you have been following this, the Hillsborough County commissioners, (Tampa Florida) passed a very anti-gay policy, mainly because of a whack-job Ronda "Big Ass Hair" Storms. Anyway, I got this letter from a good friend, and I wanted to pass it on.

In 72 seconds, the Hillsborough County Commission passed an outrageous anti-gay policy.

In 72 seconds, the commissioners made Hillsborough County a national laughing stock.

In 72 seconds, all but one commissioner supported a bigoted policy that is already costing our economy millions of dollars in lost business and tourism revenue.

Join us on Wednesday, Aug 3rd at 2:30 P.M. for our 72 Second Protest during the Hillsborough County Commission Meeting at 601 E Kennedy in downtown Tampa. Protest is scheduled for 3:50pm or during the last agenda item if the meeting finishes early.

Let them know they can't duck their responsibility.

If you can't join us on Wednesday, please take 72 seconds to call the County Commission offices at 813-272-5735 and request a response.

Or use the Take Action link to send County Commissioners a personal note letting them know you are standing up to their bigotry.

You can also click here to make a contribution today to help our efforts.

Please click here to take action

I ask all my readers to please click and take some action. I ask that you change the letter to let it be know that you are planning a trip to the Tampa Area, and now you will avoid it.

Something like this...

I am writing to ask you to repeal your discriminatory policy banning county agencies from recognizing or participating in any event that portrays gay people in a positive light.

This new policy has forced me to reconsider my vacation plans, and while me and my family looked forward to visiting places like Bush Gardens and Ybor City for a few days before heading to Orlando, we will gladly do without so as not to spend money in a county that is so full of hatred.

I will not spend money in Hillsborough County...

Reconsider this policy now.

Click here, and send that please...

UPDATE: Looks like you can not send the letter online, so you are welcome to take a moment and call them, 813-272-5735

UPDATE II: I have changed the links...


More of the Right of Right Evangelicals Protest another fallen Hero

Crazy Evangelicals

The damn people are so disturbed that I can honestly say, I wish they would die. This is the warped GodHatesFags people. They are "Christian" they run around the country protesting gay pride events, funerals, and now, the services being held for those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is the reason why, to them Bush is a leftist bastard, and because this nation is not shooting fags on site we are a nation heading to hell. So they protest funerals of our troops because "God hates America, and this is punishment".

They should read the bible they claim to follow; there is a whole bunch of crap in there about not judging people, loving your neighbor and so on...

There is a special place in hell for these people...

From there website (I choose not to post the URL)

Number of Americans who have entered hell as result of this bloody takeover of Babylon:


So to my friends in Tampa, please read this, They are coming to a service of a fallen soldier near you...

The Rev. Phelps, pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, does not attend the funerals to comfort family members, however.

He is there to express thanks for the soldiers' deaths.

Phelps and his followers believe that the deaths of American soldiers is God's retribution for society's acceptance of gay Americans.

Although Phelps says he's targeting servicemen and women of all sexual orientations, he's perhaps best known for showing up with vicious signs at the funerals of AIDS victims, as well as gay victims of a hate crimes.

Phelps and other followers say they're going to create the same scene at a St. Petersburg Church where a funeral will be held Monday for Sgt. James Stewart, who died last week in Iraq. Stewart spent most of his boyhood in St. Petersburg and his mother still lives there.


Bush Supporters Protest Fallen Hero's Funeral

Crazy Evangelicals

I wanted to point out some more Bush supporters at work...

Setting: Funeral of a fallen soldier.
Who: Staff Sgt. Christoper Piper.

A Green Beret served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, he was awarded a bronze star for his combat service. He was killed in Afghanistan.

Now here is where I do not understand these Whack jobs...

From Huffington Post

... a right-wing Protestant Christian church group from Topeka, Kansas [the Phelps people] is planning to demonstrate at Piper's funeral services at the Old North Church. They claim U.S. soldiers like Piper are dying because the country is being punished for its tolerance of what they see as immoral behavior, such as homosexuality.

So these sickos are protesting the Funeral of a fallen hero, because god hates fags? Did I miss something. Keep in mind people, this is the people that Bush works for, Every single one of these whacks voted Bush, and he loves them...

Read the signs people ...
"Thank God for IED's" (Roadside bombs)
"God Hates America"
"Fag Soldiers in Hell"
"God Blewup the Troops"
"Fags Doom Nations"

Why are people of this breed able to get the ear of Bush. They should be tired for treason. All of them should be on a terror watch list....

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More news on Hillsborough Co (Tampa) Hate Law.

Thats Gay

A call to arms, I urge anyone who lives, or PLANS TO VISIT the greater Tampa Florida area to please sign this online petition, here is the link.

The one that has pushed for a very anti-gay law is this right-wing whacko, Ronda Storms. Tampa for the most part is a fairly progressive city, it has had anti-discrimination laws on the books for a while now, and the Mayor has voiced opposition to this law.

What is the law, well it basically says that the county "abstain from acknowledging, promoting and participating " on any pride events, the issue is how this heartless gal has pushed it. County Commissioner Ronda Storms has pulled pamphlets about Gay Youth and made county libraries. Her comment, "In my opinion, it engages Hillsborough County in very high-risk behavior, not to mention encouraging children to engage in very high-risk behavior"...

Please get the word out, if you plan to visit (hint hint) to the Greater Tampa area, you should speak up.


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Help Overturn Hate Legislation in Tampa.

Thats Gay

A week or so ago, I wrote how Hillsborough County, the county that contains Tampa has passes a very mean spirited anti gay resolution. In a true Republican tactic, they also voted that a super majority would be needed to overturn it (So much for that up or down vote they are always screaming for).

Well a group has started a grass roots campaign to overturn this un-American hate legislation, and I think they are being smart, they are going after a huge money maker, the Super bowl. Very very smart.

They also have a petition, You can sign it here

From thier a supporter (

We are hoping everyone will write to the NFL Commissioner Paul John Tagliabue and ask him to move the superbowl, if this ban is not overturned. We are planning to picket the superbowl if they do not comply.

They say that the have a link to his email, but I was not able to find it on the site, if you find it, comment here, and I will update the post.

I think that this move fron Hillsborought is real sad, the mayor of Tampa has come out in opposition. Here is another reason never to go home again.


My Home Town has Become a "antigay bigotry" haven...

Thats Gay

I moved to Tampa Florida at the age of 14ish. I went to Hillsborough High School, joined the military, and did some time at MacDill AFB. I have friends and family there right now. My mother works on Dale Maybry, so this is why this saddens me so much...

I will post this story from the St. Pete Times...

Few acts by Hillsborough commissioners have shamed the county like Wednesday's vote stoking antigay bigotry. The board voted 5-1 to "abstain from acknowledging, promoting or participating in gay pride recognition and events." The move has dubious legal force - no one bothered to ask the lawyers beforehand what the declaration might mean. Still, it is alarming that elected representatives would foster discrimination as a matter of policy.

One need not single out Ronda Storms, who raised the issue. Aside from Commissioner Kathy Castor, an overwhelming board majority embraced her public display of prejudice. Commissioner Ken Hagan was outside the room and should have the chance to cast his vote because the record is important. Constituents, gay or not, need to know where all commissioners stand.

Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio immediately denounced the move, which within hours reverberated worldwide through media reports and Internet sites. The county's image will suffer. The board made Hillsborough look ignorant and crude, just as local government is spending millions in tax dollars to attract artists, creative industries, tourists and conventions. Those commissioners who voted for it should explain the value they saw in running down their own community.

Hillsborough, and the city of Tampa is nothing but a "hate group".


Texas' governor Tells Gay Veterans Returning Home, to Get Out!

Crazy Evangelicals

Avoid TexasI am from Texas, I was born in Dallas, and spent most of my childhood in Round Rock, Tx, north of Austin. I am also a Vet, and I am also Gay, so this story is aimed at me I guess.

This story broke a few days ago, and I blogged on it here. There is another issue that has arisen from this. When he was asked about how he would tell gay and lesbian veterans of combat in Iraq that they cannot come home and get married, he replied,

Texans made a decision about marriage, and if there's a state that has more lenient views than Texas, then maybe that's a better place for them to live.

Wow, what a message to send those that defended their nation. I mean we all know that the Republicans have a clear loathing of the troops, but damn...

I also find it odd that all of this very anti-gay legislation is being pushed my a single 38 year old, makes me think... I mean the last politician that was as anti-gay as Perry was Mayor West, of Spokane Washington, and now he has been outed that he likes to hook up with young men on the side... Hmmm, I wonder.


A Smart Person in Texas?

Thats Gay

Texas? I was born in Dallas Texas, I was raised for most of my childhood in the town of Round Rock, about 10 miles north of Austin. One thing you are taught in Texas is how great Texas is, in fact, I am sure you can recall someone with a sticker on there car, "Texan" or "Don't Mess with Texas" we are a very proud people, well we were. Many of us "Texans" who have fled are not looking back, because Texas has, for the most part, lost it's way.

So I was very proud when I read the words of Senfronia Thompson, a legislator from Texas discussing the "Defense of Marriage" amendment that Texas Republicans are so proud of. I urge you to give this a read...

I have been a member of this august body for three decades, and today is one of the all-time low points. We are going in the wrong direction, in the direction of hate and fear and discrimination. Members, we all know what this is about; this is the politics of divisiveness at its worst, a wedge issue that is meant to divide.

"Members, this is a distraction from the real things we need to be working on. At the end of this session, this Legislature, this leadership will not be able to deliver the people of Texas fundamental and fair answers to the pressing issues of our day.

"Let's look at what this amendment does not do: It does not give one Texas citizen meaningful tax relief. It does not reform or fully fund our education system. It does not restore one child to CHIP who was cut from health insurance last session. It does not put one dime into raising Texas' Third World access to health care. It does not do one thing to care for or protect one elderly person or one child in this state. In fact, it does not even do anything to protect one marriage.

"Members, this bill is about hate and fear and discrimination. ... When I was a small girl, white folks used to talk about 'protecting the institution of marriage' as well. What they meant was if people of my color tried to marry people of Mr. [Warren] Chisum's color, you'd often find the people of my color hanging from a tree. ... Fifty years ago, white folks thought interracial marriages were 'a threat to the institution of marriage.'

"Members, I'm a Christian and a proud Christian. I read the good book and do my best to live by it. I have never read the verse where it says, 'Gay people can't marry.' I have never read the verse where it says, 'Thou shalt discriminate against those not like me.' I have never read the verse where it says, 'Let's base our public policy on hate and fear and discrimination.' Christianity to me is love and hope and faith and forgiveness ....

"You want to pass this ridiculous amendment so you can go home and brag -- brag about what? Declare that you saved the people of Texas from what?

"Persons of the same sex cannot get married in this state now. Texas law does not now recognize same-sex marriages, civil unions, religious unions, domestic partnerships, contractual arrangements or Christian blessings entered into in this state -- or anywhere else on this planet Earth.

"If you want to make your hateful political statements, then that is one thing -- but the Chisum amendment does real harm. It repeals the contracts that many single people have paid thousands of dollars to purchase to obtain medical powers of attorney, powers of attorney, hospital visitation, joint ownership and support agreements. You have lost your way. This is obscene. ...

"I thought we would be debating economic development, property tax relief, protecting seniors' pensions and stem cell research to save lives of Texans who are waiting for a more abundant life. Instead we are wasting this body's time with this political stunt that is nothing more than constitutionalizing discrimination. The prejudices exhibited by members of this body disgust me. ...

"I have listened to all the arguments. I have listened to all of the crap. ... I want you to know that this amendment [is] blowing smoke to fuel the hell-fire flames of bigotry."


Gay Marriage is Healthy to Your Gay Brain.

Thats Gay

As we know that Science is like Kryptonite to our President and his band of Right Wing Nut Bags. Well another blow is about to come to the Bush Anti-Science, Anti-Logic stance. The American Psychological Association is coming out in support of Gay Marriage. Here is some info.

The psychiatric association's statement, approved by voice vote on the first day of its weeklong annual meeting in Atlanta, cites the "positive influence of a stable, adult partnership on the health of all family members."

The resolution recognizes "that gay men and lesbians are full human beings who should be afforded the same human and civil rights," said Margery Sved, a Raleigh, N.C., psychiatrist and member of the assembly's committee on gay and lesbian issues.

The document clarifies that the association is addressing same-sex civil marriage, not religious marriages. It takes no position on any religion's views on marriage.


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Co Kills Pro-Hate Bill in Committee

Thats Gay

From PlanetOut (Via Yahoo)

Colorado lawmakers have squashed an attempt a ban same-sex marriage in their state constitution by voting 6-5 Tuesday to kill a constitutional amendment in the House Judiciary Committee.

The party line vote means Colorado is one state that will not follow the road heavily traveled by 14 others in the last year. Those states sent to the voters amendments that profoundly limit the rights of same-sex couples. All 14 passed, as did four similar amendments a few years earlier.

I am sure that the American Talaban is up in arms right now. I can hear them say, "Damn those fags, we want to make Amrican into a Jesus loving Iran, and they are ruining it for us"

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Life in Bush's America

Sadly, November of 2000 put this great nation on a track of destruction. Four years later the fundamentalist whack-jobs used fear and a tangle of lies to scare people into voting for this nut bag again.

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