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spe·cious (spē'shəs) pronunciation adj.
1. Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious: a specious argument.
2. Deceptively attractive.

Molly Ivins: Enough of the D.C. Dems

I want to have Molly Ivins babies, she has captured for me what I feel about the current stable of democrats. While the president is on one leg, they do nothing, as Americans look to them for direction, they do little, and as the Republicans trip over their own corruption, they quiver like a trapped rat.

From The Progressive

ah fellow progressives, now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the party. I don’t know about you, but I have had it with the D.C. Democrats, had it with the DLC Democrats, had it with every calculating, equivocating, triangulating, straddling, hair-splitting son of a bitch up there, and that includes Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I will not be supporting Senator Clinton because: a) she has no clear stand on the war and b) Terri Schiavo and flag-burning are not issues where you reach out to the other side and try to split the difference. You want to talk about lowering abortion rates through cooperation on sex education and contraception, fine, but don’t jack with stuff that is pure rightwing firewater.

I can’t see a damn soul in D.C. except Russ Feingold who is even worth considering for President. The rest of them seem to me so poisonously in hock to this system of legalized bribery they can’t even see straight.

Look at their reaction to this Abramoff scandal. They’re talking about “a lobby reform package.” We don’t need a lobby reform package, you dimwits, we need full public financing of campaigns, and every single one of you who spends half your time whoring after special interest contributions knows it. The Abramoff scandal is a once in a lifetime gift—a perfect lesson on what’s wrong with the system being laid out for people to see. Run with it, don’t mess around with little patches, and fix the system.

As usual, the Democrats have forty good issues on their side and want to run on thirty-nine of them. Here are three they should stick to:

  1. Iraq is making terrorism worse; it’s a breeding ground. We need to extricate ourselves as soon as possible. We are not helping the Iraqis by staying.
  2. Full public financing of campaigns so as to drive the moneylenders from the halls of Washington.
  3. Single-payer health insurance.

Port Deal Not Dead

Just as I thought, in true Republican nature, once it is out of the news, do it anyway. Well that what it looks like with the port deal that Bush wants so bad. You know the one, the one that would sell 23 US Ports to a nation that has known ties to terror. Republicans have said that if they do not find a buyer then the original buyer can go forward.

From AP, via Yahoo (bolds are mine)

Congress will closely watch a Dubai-owned company to be sure it transfers its U.S. port operations to an American company, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Sunday.

But Frist, R-Tenn., acknowledged that if an American buyer is not found, and the Bush administration determines there are no security risks, a deal for DP World to manage and operate major U.S. ports still could go through.

"If everything that the president, the administration has said, and that is that there is absolutely no threatening or jeopardy to our security and safety of the American people ... I don't see how the deal would have to be canceled," Frist said on ABC's "This Week."

DP World pledged last week to fully transfer its U.S. port operations amid growing congressional resistance to its $6.8 billion purchase of London-based Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co. The British company handles significant operations at ports in New Jersey, New York, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia — plus lesser dockside activities at 16 other ports in this country.

DP World said the divestiture was "based on an understanding that DP World will not suffer economic loss." Some analysts have suggested finding a U.S. buyer willing to pay the $700 million that DP World wants might be difficult.

Want-to-be President Bill Frist Okay with Distruction of 4th Amendment.

This man want to take the thrown from George Bush. After Russ Fingold's bill to censure Bush was intro'ed on the floor, Frist ran to the floor and said that he wanted a vote fast, because he thinks Bush's shitting on the 4th Amendment is "a very good lawful constitutional program"

ThinkProgress picks it up.

Frist went on the Senate floor a few moments ago and complained that the Senate wasn’t going to vote soon enough to censure the President. Watch it:

Frist added that the President’s warrantless domestic surveillance program was not just lawful but “a very good lawful constitutional program.” Many of his conservative colleagues disagree.


FRIST: Just to clarify, he has said his intentions representing the other side of the aisle is to offer a resolution to censure the President of the United States of America for a program which I have said and I will restate is a lawful program, is a program that is constitutional, and is a program that is vital to the safety and security of the American people.

And my response to that with the unanimous consent request was, if that is the case and if that is the position of the Democratic Party, that we’re ready to vote at 5:30 or after our 5:30 vote today. That unanimous consent request was objected to by the other side of the aisle, and then the second unanimous consent request that I propounded was that we would vote, after a series of stacked votes tomorrow, on the resolution to censure. There was an objection from the other side of the aisle.

When we’re talking about censure of the President of the United States at a time of war, when this President is out defending the American people with a very good lawful constitutional program, it is serious business. If it is an issue that the other side of the aisle wants to debate or to debate through the night, I guess we’re willing to do that as well. But the censure of the President is important, and if they want to make an issue out of it, we’re willing to do just that.

-End of ThinkProgress-

Hazza, and this man wants to be the next president? He is okay with distruction of the 4th Amendment, of yah, this is also the ass that, from the floor of the Senate, told us Terry Schivo was walking and talking and ready to skip out of the Hospital. Do you trust this "Doctor" with his view of the law?

Bush Has A Plan to Combat Bird Flu

The Bush administration has released it’s plan to save us all from Bird Flu, the plan, store tuna under your bed! The Bush administrations health and human services has tapped into the awesome power of Canned Tuna. Everyone knows that a can of tuna fish can keep the bird flu away using a principal known as Flues-awayedness that is baked into the tuna can. When it mixes with the oil in the fish the can emits rays that will kill all bird flue within a 10 feet. Now the Bush administration has taken this one step further. Using a newly found discipline known as science (Old to you, New to the Bushies) they have discovered that if you place the tuna next to powdered milk you can boost the anti flu rays by as much as 100 feet. Or this could be as stupid as using duct tape to keep terrorist out of your house.

From the AP

Planning for a possible flu pandemic shouldn't be just a government task but should be a priority for all households and businesses, officials said at a statewide summit Friday.

"When you go to the store and buy three cans of tuna fish, buy a fourth and put it under the bed," Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said. "When you go to the store to buy some milk, pick up a box of powdered milk, put it under the bed. When you do that for a period of four to six months, you are going to have a couple of weeks of food. And that's what we're talking about."

I will say that the real message is as clear as a bell, the Bush administration is far to incompetent to save you, you will need to stock up food because it is going to take them at least 3 months before they even know the bird flue is here. Once the Bird Flu does hit, Bush will go on TV and say, "No one could have predicted the Bird Flu". By then most of us will be dead, and Bush will fly over your house and look all dumb, but he will forget about you by the time the plane lands.

Bush’s Lawyers May Cause Mistrial in Terror Case

I guess this is par for the course, the team of lawyers that were sent by Republican George Bush’s Department of Justice made such a huge blunder that the Judge may declare a mistrial.

From the AP (bolds as aways are mine)

An angry federal judge considered Monday whether to dismiss the government's death penalty case against confessed al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui after a federal attorney coached witnesses in violation of her rules.

"I do not want to act precipitously," U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema said in scheduling a special hearing on the case Tuesday, but she said that it was "very difficult for this case to go forward."

 Brinkema said a lawyer for the Transportation Security Administration sent e-mail to seven Federal Aviation Administration officials outlining the prosecution's opening statements and providing commentary on government witnesses from the first day of testimony.

That was in violation of her pretrial order barring witnesses from exposure to any opening statements or trial testimony. "An attorney for the TSA ... egregiously breached that order," she told jurors before excusing them until Wednesday. Of the seven, three were to testify for the government and four were potential defense witnesses.

No wonder Bush thinks it is okay to spy on Americans, he has nothing buy dumb lawyers around him. If they can not follow the simple directions of a judge how are they going to understand something as hard as the 4th Amendment.

The US, the UN, and human rights

Taken from BBC News

Dispute hits UN rights watchdog

A session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission has been suspended for a week amid disagreement over plans to reform the Geneva-based body.
The commission meets annually to examine global human rights standards.

The US has condemned the reform plan, but it has broad support from European, Asian and African countries.

Members with poor human rights records have recently discredited the commission's work, the BBC's Imogen Foulkes reports from Geneva.

The commission has some important business this year: consideration of human rights in North Korea, Sudan and Belarus, and discussion of the war on terror and its effect on human rights, including a report into Guantanamo Bay.

But all that may be in jeopardy because of the deadlock over reform plans. The UN could be left without a human rights watchdog for the first time in its 60-year history.

Election plan

The plan is to replace the commission with an elected human rights council which would meet three times a year.

Members would be expected to have good human rights records, in contrast to existing members which include countries with poor human rights records such as Sudan, China or Zimbabwe.

The changes do not go as far as everyone would like but they have widespread support.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan backs them, so do European Union countries and African and Asian nations.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International also support the plan.

However, the US says the plan has major deficiencies.

Does anyone else see the irony of this article? The United States is on the committee for the ethical and humane treatment of humans, yet has found itself in the fiasco that is the Abu Ghraib torture cases.

I will have to find the article later this eveninng, but the reason the UN hasn't been able to go after the US about this is because of the fact that we do not consider Iraqi's anything about "enemy combatants" and therefore are not protected under the Geneva Convention laws on the treatment of humans.

How can the UN turn away from what the US is doing, yet take us seriously on these same topics?

Tennessee to Outlaw Sex Toys, Thank Jesus!

It is official, America is perfect I guess. The state of Tennessee has eradicated poverty, eradicated the hungry and the state of Tennessee is a utopia within the United States, I guess? I come to this conclusion because the Tennessee state legislature is SO board that it has nothing to do, so it has decided to out law sex toys... No, I am not kidding.

From the Nashville Scene (bolds are mine)

Thank God the state legislature is back in session. When they’re gone, political columnists are forced to take up serious topics like the deputy governor lobbying subordinates on local political issues, U.S. national vulnerability to cyber-attack and the police chief threatening to storm out of a neighborhood meeting. But now that America’s dumbest criminals have reconvened their lawmaking body, it’s easy street for journalistic bottom-feeders to meet deadlines.

To wit: Senate Bill 3794 (House Bill 3798), legislation that would make it illegal to sell, advertise, publish or exhibit to another person “any three-dimensional device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs….” For that matter, if you offer to show someone your dildo collection—or possess a vibrator with the intent to show it to someone—you’d be violating this proposed state law. And don’t even think about wholesaling those three-dimensional sex toys.

Of course, as with all good public policy, state Sen. Charlotte Burks and Rep. Eric Swafford have included a few exemptions for responsible dildo-users. College students and faculty are allowed to enter the sex-toy trade—as long as they are “teaching or pursuing a course of study related to such device,” like Auto-Erotic Stimulation 101. Your doctor or psychologist will similarly be authorized to prescribe the regular use of a sex toy “in the course of medical or psychological treatment or care.” And finally, employees of historical societies, museums, public libraries and—wait for it—school libraries are allowed to traffic in devices named Thruster, The Emperor and The Horny Hare, provided they’re doing their official duties. That means the Carnton Plantation would remain free to put up that “Dildos of the Antebellum” exhibit Robert Hicks has been pitching.

What do Burks and Swafford have against genital stimulation? Your guess is as good as ours. At press time, staff members hadn’t returned messages left Tuesday morning, probably because it’s hard to defend such stupid ideas. Attorneys for the state of Georgia couldn’t defend them either: two weeks ago, a federal appeals court overturned portions of a similar Georgia law on the grounds that advertising bans violate free speech rights.

Look I have seen men from Tennessee, outlawing these devices is crule because that would mean that gals would have to bed these felle's, that should be outlawed!

I Guess the Whole Family is Moronic

You have to take a look at this, this is the nephew of President George Bush, this kid sounds like he is as high as a kite and as dumb as a stone (He may be, not sure). He rambles that the ports deal is great. He also has tried, and I am not sure how Tim McVey and the treatment of the Japanese during WWII and how we treated them, I am not sure what the hell he is speaking of. He is also shocked that there are people awake at 6:30am.

All I can say, if you are looking for a giggle, and want to see that in fact the Bush family may not fork you should watch this (thanks Crooks and Liars).

I think we have found our posterboy for birth control.

(Yes I know this has little to do with life, but it is funny as hell, this is what Bush was like at 19)

Bush Adminstration-101

To our devoted Readers, After talking with Marq via e-mail and doing some serious thinking,y es I did say thinking, I am going to change a few things.  I feel these changes are necessary if I am to be truthfull & honest in my reporting. Dan Siler is my real name and I am in the mountains of North Carolina, I am a Trained Vets Advocate. Back when the Govt. farce against Randy Weaver went on my vet friends said, "Well I guess you live up on Cowcrap Ridge because they used to keep cattle up here on top of the ridge", but before you say it, NO! I dont have a stockpile of weapons unless you consider my Golf Clubs weapons!  I am a Vietnam Era Veteran, Disabled and just like you I live hand to mouth under the Bush Administration.

Has the Bush Administration screwed the Proud & Honorable Veterans of this Nation? Your damn right they have!  Actually it started all the way back in the Reagan Administration but no other President has tightened the screws to us like Bush has. Victor Whitman of the NY Paper, the Times Herald Record writes;

Monticello - Vietnam vet John Venticinque once dodged bullets for his country. Now he's dodging cockroaches in a flea-bag motel in Monticello, stuck living for months in Room 103 because he can't find a place to stay in Sullivan County. "I'm homeless, I'm homeless... Here I am stuck in this rat-infested place," said Venticinque, a 55-year-old Army soldier who saw combat action and came home traumatized.

Venticinque is like hundreds of the 55,000 veterans in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, according to local agencies.

One veteran is living at the dorm for employees at the Monticello Raceway. Another veteran wanders down Broadway. Vets are camping in the woods. Vets are living with their brothers and sisters because they can't afford rents.

Veterans Affairs did a survey around Ellenville and Kingston and found 81 vets living in cars, motels or on the street. Orange County has counted 60 homeless vets. Last year, Sullivan County's social services counted six veterans living on public assistance in motels and about 100 vets on Medicaid. But the head of Sullivan County's veterans services says that doesn't tell the story of how many are struggling.

"They are too proud to say they are hurting, a lot of them," Veterans Services Director Eric Nystrom said.

Did they ask to be this way?  NO!  What does this tell you about our current Administration?  As for Medicaid & Medicare, forget it. I get my meds fom VA because the copayment isnt as high as Medicare!  Now even the Republicans are agreeing with the Democrats thet Bush's current budget is not enough and over 200,000 of us will be forced out of the VA system by around 08 or 09!  It is Reported that over 1/3 of Iraqi & Afghan troops will come home suffering from severe PTSD. The VA hasn't even begun to be able to handle all of the problems produced from Vietnam! America, It is time to wake up! Veterans fought & died for the Rights of everyone, even the protester! Remember the Veterans and what the Bush Administration has produced when you go to vote!

Yet Another Crook in the White House

Wow, I mean every single person in this White House is crook, I mean it. ThinkProgress picks it up.

When Claude Allen, the former Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, resigned suddenly a few weeks ago, the White House gave its official explanation for the departure:

President Bush’s domestic policy advisor, Claude A. Allen, has resigned to spend more time with his family, the White House said.

Many were skeptical of the White House’s explanation. It turns out the suspicions were justified: Allen was arrested yesterday and charged in a “retail theft scheme.” From the police report:

The Target Loss Prevention Manger contacted Montgomery County Police and through the police investigation it was learned that Allen had been receiving refunds in an amount exceeding $5,000 during last year. Some of the fraudulent returns were made at Target stores and some at Hecht’s stores. He would buy items, take them out to his car, and return to the store with the receipt. He would select the same items he had just purchased, and then return them for a refund. Allen is known to have conducted approximately 25 of these types of refunds, having the money credited to his credit cards.

Throughout 2005 he obtained refunds for items ranging from clothing, a Bose theater system, stereo equipment, and photo printer to items valued only at $2.50.

If we can’t trust the White House to tell us the truth about a simple personnel matter, how can we trust anything they tell us about more substantive issues.

UPDATE: Allen had the highest salary of any employee in the White House, tied with Karl Rove, Andrew Card, and Stephen Hadley, among others. He was earning $161,000 a year.

UPDATE II: Atrios debunks one early right-wing talking point that Allen was some unknown staffer. In fact, he was the top domestic policy adviser and a former Bush Federal Circuit Court nominee. The Washington Post labeled him the embodiment of “conservative values.”

UPDATE III: The Washington Post reports, “White House spokesman Scott McClellan said last night that if the allegation is true, ‘no one would be more disappointed, shocked and outraged‘ than the president. McClellan said Allen had told White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. and White House counsel Harriet Miers that the matter was a misunderstanding.”

Democrats Demand More Money for the VA

This is a post from a Story that was pointed out by Specious Reasoning Member Dan the VA man.

From the Air Force Times. (Bolds Are Mine)

On the eve of a House committee’s passage of a $72.4 billion wartime supplemental funding bill, about 90 members of Congress are demanding that money be included to cover veterans’ health care costs.

In a March 6 letter organized by Reps. John T. Salazar, D-Colo., and Lane Evans, D-Ill., lawmakers ask for a minimum of $630 million to be added to the supplemental for veterans programs, including $250 million for mental health services, $200 million for direct medical care, $110 million for prosthetics, $15 million for vocational rehabilitation and $55 million to increase the number of people processing disability claims.

The request for extra money was sent to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., who would influence the outcome. The House Appropriations Committee plans to amend the administration’s supplemental budget request on Wednesday night. There is no money in the administration’s request for the VA. Salazar is the newest member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, appointed only last month. Evans is the veterans committee’s top ranking Democrat, who has been pushing for big increases in the VA budget.

In a statement, Salazar said, “With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have created a whole new generation of veterans who need our care. We cannot have a repeat of last year’s shameful budget shortfall. It is time for us to be honest in our budgeting and recognize the urgency of providing full funding for veterans’ health care. Our troops bravely put their lives on the line and it is our moral duty to provide them with the care and benefits they were promised.

Now I know that some of the Right-Winger that read my site may say, "What do you know Marq?" , and say to you, I am a Disabled Vet and I go to VA Hospitals from time to time, they are a mess, they are so underfunded that they can not even afford gas for the "VA Van" in my area. This is what Bush and the Republicans have done, they make you think that they care about the troops, and then shit on them for serving their nation. I hope you are proud of your Republican Party.

Here read the Letter, You can see that Dems want to support the troops with more than a damn yellow magnet on their SUV. Republicans are offering FAKE Support for the troops, Democrats are offering REAL support.

Honorable Dennis Hastert
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Mr. Speaker:

We believe that providing for our military veterans and their families is a continuing cost of war and an important component of our national defense. We simply have no excuse for not meeting their needs. For some, it easy to forget that budgets and numbers ultimately reflect our priorities and affect real people. Indeed, by failing to include any money for veterans’ health care and readjustment services in the $72.4 billion emergency war supplemental request, the Administration again has failed to acknowledge the added stress and resource demands the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are placing on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Accordingly, we respectfully request that you work with the Appropriations Committee to provide additional resources for the VA within the emergency war supplemental.

We believe that at least $630 million is urgently needed to care for troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the heroes from prior conflicts who rely upon the VA for their health care. Specifically, we are seeking $250 million to support increased demand for mental health services for returning troops; $200 million for direct medical services, including treating traumatic brain injury and other complex blast injuries, and additional resources for the VA’s Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers; $110 million for increased demand for VA prosthetics; $15 million for medical and vocational rehabilitation services; and $55 million for increased staff to process the growing disability claims backlog of more than 370,000, including claims homeless disabled veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who are waiting months for decisions.

Mr. Speaker, last year, we saw the VA face disgraceful shortfalls in its health care budget, shortfalls that had a direct impact upon the care received by veterans. Ultimately, the Administration begrudgingly admitted these shortfalls and was forced to request additional resources. We are concerned that the Administration may have once again underestimated the total number of veterans that will seek services at the VA, including new veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Mr. Speaker, we strongly urge you to correct the Administration’s oversight and recognize that caring for our veterans is an ongoing cost of war.


John Salazar,Lane Evans,Nancy Pelosi,Steny Hoyer,James Clyburn

John Larson,John Spratt,Ike Skelton,Stephanie Herseth,Ted Strickland

Shelley Berkley,Vic Snyder,Tom Udall,Luis Gutierrez,Bob Filner,Darlene Hooley

Silvestre Reyes,Corrine Brown,Mike Michaud,Zoe Lofgren,Carolyn McCarthy

Ed Case,Debbie Wasserman-Schultz,Lloyd Doggett,Robert Brady,Robert Wexler

Adam Smith,Mike Thompson,Mark Udall,Joe Crowley,Stephen Lynch,Joe Baca,Mike Doyle

Patrick Kennedy,Jim Davis,David Scott,Frank Pallone,Allyson Schwartz,Jim McGovern

Brian Higgins,Albert Wynn,Stephanie Tubbs Jones,Rush Holt,Tammy Baldwin,David Wu

Jan Schakowsky,Jim McDermott,Kendrick Mek,Tom Allen,Robert Scott,Susan Davis

Rahm Emanuel,Raul Grijalva,Ben Chandler,Donna Christian-Christensen,Eddie Bernice Johnson

Danny Davis,Diana DeGette,Al Green,Julia Carson,Grace Napolitano,Lois Capps,Hilda Solis

Dennis Kucinich,Ed Markey,William Jefferson,Peter DeFazio,Eleanor Holmes Norton

Rick Boucher,Paul Kanjorski,Henry Waxman,Bernard Sanders,Gary Ackerman,Barney Frank

Peter Visclosky,Rosa DeLauro,Jerry Costello,Alan Mollahan,Bart Gordon,Marion Berry,

Doris Matsui,Gene Taylor,John Dingell,Nita Lowey,Lucille Roybal-Allard,Carolyn Maloney

Sherrod Brown,Alcee Hastings,Marcy Kaptur,Tom Lantos,Maurice Hinchey,Mike McIntyre

Robert Andrews,Solomon Ortiz,Madeline Bordallo,Barbara Lee,Ron Kind,Diane Watson

Charlie Gonzales,Tim Ryan,Martin Meehan,Chet Edwards,Ben Cardin,Earl Blumenauer,Jerrold Nadler

James Oberstar,Brian Baird,Sanford Bishop,Dan Lipinski,William Lacy Clay,Neil Abercromb

Adam Schiff,Bart Stupak,Louise Slaughter,William Delahunt,Norm Dicks,Eliot Engel,Maxine Waters

Edolphus Towns,Rick Larsen,Xavier Becerra,David Price,Dale Kildee,Elijah Cummings

Mike Ross,Jim Langevin

cc: Honorable Jerry Lewis, Chairman, House Committee on Appropriations
Tom Manatos
Advisor to the Leader
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi
(202) 225-0100

Get Your Tickets to "Victory II" Tour

I can only guess that he is doing this because it worked so well for him last time (net loss of 17 points) Bush is kicking off the “Iraq is Cool – Victory II Tour”

From Reuters

Amid rising sectarian violence in Iraq, President George W. Bush will make a new push to bolster support for his Iraq policy in a series of speeches that begin on Monday.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said on Friday the objective would be to update Americans on "our strategy for victory in Iraq," to talk about progress on the ground and "the lessons we have learned and how we are acting and adapting to fix what was not working."

Bush has been hampered by low public approval ratings caused in part by American dissatisfaction with his handling of the Iraq war.

I am tired of this man wasting money on this crap. We are broke because of him, we can not afford his fake tours anymore. How many troops is he going to use as props this time?

Bush Mad At Americans for Not Allowing Terrorist to Run Ports.

Today (Friday) Bush express concern about the message being sent to Middle Eastern allies by the collapse of efforts by a Dubai company to manage major U.S. ports.

It was once said, “[the president] doth protest to much” and this is a prime example. The Bush Administration has spent the better part of 5 years demonizing every Arab in the world. He has attacked them with the might of the US military. He has created an atmosphere of suspicion to anyone with more than 3 vowels in their name. He has in fact told us that they are all terrorist and should be converted or eradicated. Now, all of the sudden these Arabs are great! That somehow we should be ashamed of ourselves for being suspicious of anyone in the middle east. How dare us look at the UAE’s record and judge them. We are somehow un-American for not wanting KNOWN terrorist supporters running our ports.

Face it folks, the fake “War on Terror” is over, and Bush sided with them. Bush is chastising America for not allowing a nation who supplied 2 of it’s own to ram planes into buildings in New York. We, not him, are somehow wrong because we pointed out that to this day the UAE is still being used as a conduit for funding to terrorists, a conduit for illegal transfers of nuclear material and a conduit for safety of terrorist. In short, Bush wants these known terrorist to run out ports, and we are bad people for standing up and saying, “No”. Well I have a message for you Mr. Bush, after the impeachment you can go live with them, you seem to love them so much, I am sure they would welcome you into their terrorist organization.

Voting Machines Are Back in the News.

I think that the Republicans do have crooked voting machines out there, but I will agree with Sam Syder on this, that they can only, at best, change the margin by 10%. So we need to win by 11%. Once we get some sort of check and balance into the gov we can work for change. I think that it is sad that the elections in Iram are more fair than those in America.

From Bradblog
From today's St. Petersburg Times...

When Cook tried to vote for himself, the machine defaulted to a vote for Taylor. A precinct worker finally moved Cook to a different booth.

Later in the day, Cook said he had other reports of voting machines malfunctioning in similar ways.

The flipping machines used in the Pinellas County, FL election were paperless touch-screens made by Sequoia Voting Systems -- the same paperless "Edge" touch-screen systems whose purchase and future use in New Mexico was recently banned in the state in light of a lawsuit where many voters complained of the same type of "vote flipping" on the machines during the 2004 Presidential Election.

Those are also the same machines which lost more than 12,000 votes in Bernalillo County, NM in 2002.

On the other hand, this is Florida, after all. So, as Pinellas County, FL Supervisor of Elections communications director, Nancy Whitlock says, there's nothing to worry about:

No one else complained, so it is unlikely the problem affected many, if any, other votes, she said.
We feel much better now. It was just "a glitch."

Norm Ornstein: Dubai Ports World Is Considering Selling U.S. Operations To Halliburton

What a shocker, I bet this was the plan all along. Now we really will have a known terrorist group running our ports.

Norm Ornstein: Dubai Ports World Is Considering Selling U.S. Operations To Halliburton - Today Dubai Ports World announced it would “transfer fully the U.S. operations…to a United States entity.” This evening on the PBS News Hour, AEI scholar Norm Ornstein said that DP World was considering selling its U.S. operations to Halliburton: If this is done now through the backdoor, where D.P. [Dubai Ports World] has any role at [...] [ThinkProgress.org]

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